Thành tích

Nguyễn Thu Hồng

Chương trình: UEE
Kết quả: SCHO
Năm sinh: 1991
Quê quán: Hà Nội
Giới thiệu:
Nguyễn Thu Hồng theo học ngành Maths and Econ tại NTU, nhận học bổng ASEAN. Hiện tại, Thu Hồng là giám đốc cao cấp của Shopee, Sea tại Việt Nam.
Cảm nhận:
Thank you for all the great time and experiences that I have had with Hexagon. This period is definitely one of the best time in my life. The atmosphere at Hexagon class is always phenomenal and exciting. I have been able to learn so much not only in academic term but in life experience as well since all Hexagon teachers are really successful. The success story of Hexagon is remarkable in that it gets best young minds out of the country, giving them brilliant opportunity to develop themselves personally. Hope that Hexagon will achieve more and more results in the time to come. All the best :)